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WildWorkshops is proud to offer bespoke visits, with a background in Primary education we can plan days to suit any particular 'nature' theme or event (Water, Light, Animals, Pets, Plants, Rainforests, School grounds, Eco-Schools etc.)

A flexible approach suits your timetable and careful liaison ensures a specially tailored day suited to the needs of your children.

If no particular theme is desired, we do our own thing! The aim, as always, to engage young children in science and inspire them with the natural world.

WildWorkshops' sessions are differentiated at 4 levels: FS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 (though we can, and do, work up to Y8).

Each level (except Foundation Stage) has 2 tiered modules, allowing children to build upon the previous years work.

In this way it is possible for children to experience a different WildWorkshops session each year.

From a teaching perspective the most rewarding and beneficial sessions have been with the schools I visit year on year.

These children are excited in anticipation of the session (I have heard tales of loud cheers in assemblies upon the announcement of another visit), they are building on the knowledge base we have built up, they are already comfortable working with and handling the live creatures and these children get through some great, quality science work.

Depending on the date of your visit activities may vary as sessions reflect seasonal changes e.g. in summer term there are investigations with caterpillars which are not available at other times.

A base for the day is preferable (moving and setting up equipment during the day can reduce session times) and an interactive whiteboard is beneficial for digital microscope viewing.

Animal Care

  • The comfort and humane treatment of animals is of prime concern.

  • Cages are adequately sized, cleaned daily, and kept locked in safe, comfortable settings.

  • Water bottles are used for the small mammals.

  • Animals are handled minimally and gently.

  • Sudden movements/loud noises should be avoided, since they can make animals feel threatened. Children will be briefed.

  • Animals new to the classroom will be allowed to adjust to the unaccustomed environment for as long as possible before the session begins.

  • Very interactive, hands-on, very informative. Very well paced and organised. Gave the lesson the 'WOW!' we were looking for.

    Lynn Griffiths: Whitefield Primary, Everton

  • Excellent! Positive feedback from all staff and children. Children thought the day was brilliant.

    Mrs Flaherty, Overthorpe Primary

  • The children were captivated. It was well organised and all the age groups thoroughly enjoyed their session.

    Mrs Flaherty, Overthorpe Primary

  • Fantastic! One of the best sessions I have ever seen in 34 years of teaching. The children were enthralled.

    Mrs Friend, Legh Vale

  • The look of awe and wonderment on the children's faces was amazing!

    Eleanor Atkinson, The Gates Primary

  • An extremely worthwhile experience! Excellent content and using live animals gave it more of a purpose.

    Theresa Docherty: Guilden Sutton Primary

  • The children had a really informative and exciting time. They had opportunity to experience lots of different animals.

    Sarah Gleave: Cobbs Infant School

  • Super session. Children enjoyed the activity related to prior knowledge. Resources excellent, very hands-on. Needed longer session!

    Mrs. Wilson English Martyrs Primary

  • The children were fascinated and as a teacher it was great to see the children so excited to share their knowledge with everyone.

    Ruth Talbot Garswood Primary

  • Fantastic experience for both pupils and staff. A great hands-on experience for pupils, they found the whole session extremely enjoyable.

    Lisa Donnelly Mill Green School

About WildWorkshops

My name is Steven Lewis-Neill, I am a fully qualified and experienced Primary Teacher - having taught across both Key Stages from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

I have worked as a Science Co-ordinator and have delivered staff training in Scientific Enquiry (Sc1).

I have conducted research in Liverpool primary schools investigating the positive effects an animal can have on a child's self-esteem.

After completing my MSc in Animal Behaviour it became a dream to set up WildWorkshops, getting children involved in practical science - inspired by animals!

I now provide an established, unique outside service for schools, teaching towards the science curriculum through practical workshops involving a variety of British wildlife.

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Schools Visited
  • Hindley All Saints Primary, Wigan
  • Garswood Primary, St Helens
  • Thatto Heath Primary, St Helens
  • Sherdley Primary, St Helens
  • Twiss Green Primary, Warrington
  • Cobbs Infant School, Warrington
  • Little Digmoor Primary, Skelmersdale
  • Rainford High School, St Helens
  • Overthorpe Primary, Dewsbury
  • Merton Bank, St. Helens.
  • Holy Family Catholic Primary, Wigan
  • North Reddish Junior School, Stockport
  • Cherry Tree Primary, Warrington
  • Northway Primary, Liverpool
  • Oakfield Primary, Widnes
  • Little Digmoor Primary, Skelmersdale
  • Chinley Primary, Buxton
  • St Marys RC Primary, St Helens
  • Wigan St Mary's, Wigan
  • St Mary & St Thomas', St Helens
  • Legh Vale, St Helens
  • Ince St Mary's, Wigan
  • Great Sankey Primary, Warrington
  • Rice Lane Primary, Liverpool
  • St Marks Primary, Liverpool
  • Lyme County Primary, St Helens
  • St Barnabas Primary, Warrington
  • The Gates Primary, Bolton
  • Greswell Primary, Stockport
  • Queens Park Primary, St Helens
  • Carr Mill Primary, St Helens
  • Woodfold Primary, Wigan
  • St Bertelines Primary, Runcorn
  • Allanson Street Primary, St Helens
  • Aintree Davenhill, Liverpool
  • Eccleston Lane Ends, St. Helens
  • Dryclough Infants School, Huddersfield
  • Rainford High School, St Helens
  • Lansbury Bridge School, St Helens
  • Mill Green School, St Helens

Health & Safety

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