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WildWorkshops were invited as special guests on the Channel M breakfast show. Channel M is a regional TV station based in Manchester. We went along to explain more about the positive work WildWorkshops does with primary school students. Play the video to see a sample of WildWorkshops appearance on the show.

WildWorkshops have also been featured in Wigan Borough life magazine. A press clipping of the article is featured here.

An Inspiration to WildWorkshops, Sir David Attenborough

I don't think a child has been born who doesn't start off without being interested in the natural world. It doesn't matter what creature, it doesn't have to be rare or beautiful.

A slug is pretty interesting actually. If you've never seen a slug before, if you turn over a stone and you see this thing and IT'S MOVING! How does it move? You've got these two things at the front, what are they for? What does it eat? Where does it go and why don't I see it in the sunshine?

If you're young and you haven't seen one before YOU ARE interested in it!

As we grow older we find lots of other interesting things, I-pads and such, which is fine, but if you get so interested in I-pads that you forget that the slugs and snails are interesting then you've lost a great treasure.

Sir David Attenborough speaking on 'Ask Attenborough' on Eden TV (2011)

Our Hero: Sir David Attenborough

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Schools Visited
  • Hindley All Saints Primary, Wigan
  • Garswood Primary, St Helens
  • Thatto Heath Primary, St Helens
  • Sherdley Primary, St Helens
  • Twiss Green Primary, Warrington
  • Cobbs Infant School, Warrington
  • Little Digmoor Primary, Skelmersdale
  • Rainford High School, St Helens
  • Overthorpe Primary, Dewsbury
  • Merton Bank, St. Helens.
  • Holy Family Catholic Primary, Wigan
  • North Reddish Junior School, Stockport
  • Cherry Tree Primary, Warrington
  • Northway Primary, Liverpool
  • Oakfield Primary, Widnes
  • Little Digmoor Primary, Skelmersdale
  • Chinley Primary, Buxton
  • St Marys RC Primary, St Helens
  • Wigan St Mary's, Wigan
  • St Mary & St Thomas', St Helens
  • Legh Vale, St Helens
  • Ince St Mary's, Wigan
  • Great Sankey Primary, Warrington
  • Rice Lane Primary, Liverpool
  • St Marks Primary, Liverpool
  • Lyme County Primary, St Helens
  • St Barnabas Primary, Warrington
  • The Gates Primary, Bolton
  • Greswell Primary, Stockport
  • Queens Park Primary, St Helens
  • Carr Mill Primary, St Helens
  • Woodfold Primary, Wigan
  • St Bertelines Primary, Runcorn
  • Allanson Street Primary, St Helens
  • Aintree Davenhill, Liverpool
  • Eccleston Lane Ends, St. Helens
  • Dryclough Infants School, Huddersfield
  • Rainford High School, St Helens
  • Lansbury Bridge School, St Helens
  • Mill Green School, St Helens

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